CBD From Hemp Vs CBD From Weed

marijuana vs hemp

CBD refers to cannabidiol. And cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants. And because weed and hemp are cannabis plants, they can both be used to produce and manufacture CBD. As a result, if you go about looking for CBD to help with your well-being, you might get confused as you try to figure out whether you should buy CBD from hemp or CBD from weed/cannabis. Granted, this is a very confusing matter and one that is very common. So what’s the difference between these two? Read on to find out.

Psychoactive effects: Will any of these get me high?

All cannabis plant matter contains THC. THC is the psycho-active ingredient that gets users high after ingesting cannabis whether it’s by smoking, eating, or drinking. So when looking at which of these two will get one high, the only determinant is the levels of THC in each. Luckily, that’s an easy issue to decipher. Hemp contains very little amounts of THC, 0.3% at most. At that potency, CBD from hemp cannot get you high. However, weed contains a potency of THC that can get as high as 30% in some breeds and strains. As a result, CBD from weed can, and will most likely, get you high.

Legality: Which one is legal?

One of the biggest differentiators and cautions between CBD derived from hemp and CBD derived from weed is legality. The last thing you want when purchasing some CBD to help with your pain or inflammation is a criminal case. Now, hemp is legal thanks to its inability to intoxicate users. It is also widely recognized for its use in agriculture and construction. Weed, on the other hand, has a complicated legality status. Although it is fast being legalized in developed nations, it remains a controlled substance in the UK, most of the Europe, and even in the US at a federal level. So CBD from hemp is legal (so long as it contains no more than 0.3%THC), while CBD from weed is illegal unless you’re in a jurisdiction where recreational cannabis is permitted.

Cost and affordability: Which one is more affordable?

When it comes to cost, a number of variables can shift the answers around. However, with all factors being consistent, CBD oil from weed should be more expensive compared to CBD oil from hemp. The reason for this discrepancy is that a weed plant is simply more expensive than a hemp plant. Not only is it expensive to buy weed plants/seeds, their cultivation needs are also expensive, not to mention the need for legal permits and licenses. In contrast, hemp plants are much cheaper to procure and growing hemp is a lot simpler too.

Value: Which contains more cannabidiol?

There has been a long-standing debate about which plant offers more CBD than the other. Is it the hemp plant or is it the cannabis plant? Ongoing research shows that both hemp plants and cannabis plants offer the same value when it comes to how much CBD is derived from each. It’s important to remember that certain factors control just how much CBD can be obtained from either. For example, has the plant been genetically modified to contain more CBD? How has the plant been cultivated? In any case, this query holds little practicality for someone looking to buy CBD oil. The reason for that is CBD is sold based on its potency – whether it’s from hemp or weed. That’s all that matters. 500mg of hemp-CBD is just the same as 500mg of weed-CBD. The only difference is that if its full spectrum CBD, the oil from weed will contain THC which will get the user high while the full spectrum CBD oil from hemp will not.

A side-by-side comparison of hemp-based CBD and cannabis-based CBD


CBD from hempCBD from weed
Much easier to growMore detailed to grow
Contains 0.3% THC and cannot get you highContains up to 30% THC and will get you high
Is quite affordable to produce because plants are cheaper to obtain, there are few growth restrictions, and the plant grows easilyIs quite expensive to produce because plants and seeds are expensive, there are many legal restrictions on growth, and cultivation is not straightforward
Is legal in almost all jurisdictions because it is not a controlled plantIs illegal in most jurisdictions because weed is a controlled substance.


CBD from hempCBD from weed
Has the same scientific make-up at a molecular levelHas the same scientific make-up at a molecular level
Has health properties as per preliminary scientific researchHas health benefits as per preliminary scientific research
Sold in set potencies and amountsSold in set potencies and amounts
Contain THC (but in negligible amounts)Contains THC (but in large amounts)
Contains zero THC when purified to CBD isolateContains zero THC when purified to CBD isolate

When packaged and fully processed, it would actually be very difficult to ascertain whether a bottle of CBD oil was derived from hemp or from weed. However, you can rest assured that at CanaBD we sell our customers 100% legal CBD oil derived from hemp plants. That’s makes our brands safe for use by all, cost-effective and non-psychotropic (will not get you high). You can take our CBD oil products at any time, even when at work. For detailed medical advice, be sure to consult your general practitioner.


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