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Regulatory Frame Work

CanaBD is a one stop shop for handpicked high-quality CBD products that complies with industry standards and meets legal requirements.

 It is operated by Nova Botanix LTD, which is a UK based company that specializes in eco – friendly herbal supplements. 

Our Mission

CanaBD’s mission is to create a regulated, safe and secure market place so our CBD consumers know they are getting only the highest- quality CBD products. 

We operate in a regulated way in an unregulated Market 

CBD is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. This means, however, that there is also an increase in the appearance of unscrupulous products. 

For instance, in a recent study conducted in the UK, it was found that over than 60% of CBD products sold in the UK have been mislabelled or contaminated; Some of the products studied had no CBD (!!), some had too much and some had too much THC (sufficient to produce intoxication or impairment, especially among children). Other studies have shown that some products contained dangerous synthetic ingredients and some have caused severe illnesses. 

As there is no official regulatory agency that is governing the CBD market, it is up to responsible retailers to create industry standards and meet legislative requirements. 

Our Regulatory Frame Work

We are sure all of our products are premium and superior as Each and every one of them is handpicked and to meet the following requirements:

For more information about our regulatory frame work check our Regulatory Frame Work and Lab Testing section.

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