Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) Inhaler Use, Effects and Safety

cbd inhaler

There are many ways to introduce CBD products into your lifestyle. You can use CBD oil in liquid form by ingesting it as is or by adding it to your food and drinks. You can apply CBD oils and creams onto your body. You can vape CBD oil, you can eat edibles containing cannabidiol, you can pop CBD capsules, and now you can inhale your cannabidiol using CBD inhalers. If you are curious to learn more about CBD inhalers, how they work and how to tell if they are right for you then read on to find out more.

Why use a CBD inhaler

As mentioned above, there are many ways to get your dose of CBD. An inhaler is just another good option for you to consider and evaluate. At the end of the day you want to take your CBD in a manner that best fits your health needs and day-to-day lifestyle.

You should buy a CBD inhaler if:

  • You want your CBD oil to take effect quickly. Unlike oral ingestion, cannabidiol taken through inhalers takes effects in as little as 5 minutes. It’s almost instant which is great if you don’t want to wait around and need fast results.
  • You want a mode of intake that is precise. Just like CBD oil capsules, a CBD inhaler provides you with measured doses so that there is no room for error. With an inhaler you won’t have to worry about taking less or more than you’re supposed to.
  • You are looking to explore the efficacy of cannabidiol on respiratory health problems such as asthma.
  • You want to explore a new way to taking your CBD oil..

How to use

A CBD inhaler is used much in the same way as an ordinary inhaler. You simply bring the inhaler to your mouth, place the opening of the spray outlet on your lips and press the inhaler canister to release a burst of aerosol into your mouth. Once you do so, keep your mouth closed and hold your breath in to allow all the CBD to flow into your lungs.

Be sure to read the instructions on the inhaler regarding usage. It is important not to use the inhaler beyond the recommended daily dosage.

How CBD inhalers compare with other intake methods

CBD inhalerCBD oral drops
CBD is administered directly into the lungsCBD is administered directly into the mouth
CBD oil is released into the body within 5 minutesCBD is released into the body after 15 minutes
Doses are always measuredDoses are almost always measured
Little chance of spillage or creating a messSome chance of spillage or creating a mess
Non-delicate packagingSomewhat delicate packaging
CBD inhalerCBD vapes
CBD administered straight to the lungsCBD administered straight to the lungs
CBD takes effect in as little as 5 minutesCBD takes effect in as little as 5 minutes
Doses are measuredDoses are not measured
Intake method is somewhat discrete and non-intrusiveIntake method is not discrete and is invasive

Do CBD inhalers help with asthma and respiratory conditions?

A lot of scientific research is still being carried out to find out whether cannabidiol has any positive medical effects on respiratory ailments. And although there are no definitive conclusions right now, ongoing studies show that cannabidiol can offer some level of help when it comes to improving relaxation of muscles, alleviating pain & inflammation, and more. With that said, people suffering from respiratory difficulties can try CBD inhalers, not to treat their condition, but to see if it can help with the symptoms at the very least.

NB: It is also important to note that one does not have to use a CBD inhaler only for respiratory problems. CBD inhalers simply provide a means of getting cannabidiol into the body. Once the CBD is in the bloodstream, it will be distributed all over the body. So you can use them as an intake option regardless of which area on your body you are targeting.

Effects: What happens every time you use your CBD inhaler

When you press your inhaler, the pressurized liquid CBD isolate oil in the canister is released in a small burst which travels down your throat to your trachea (breathing tubes) and into your lungs. Once in the lungs, the CBD in gas form is quickly absorbed by the lung tissues. The desired effect is to ease the airwaves and thereby improve breathing as well as to transfer some of the cannabidiol into the circulatory system and to the rest of the body.

Make sure to use your inhaler correctly so that the CBD is passed down from your mouth and into your lungs as intended. If you have not used an inhaler before, read the manual instructions carefully beforehand. If you have used an inhaler before, your cannabidiol inhaler should be used in the same way.

How to choose the best CBD inhaler

CBD inhalers are starting to become more common in the CBD and inhaler marketplaces. There are a number of ways to help ensure that you are buying the best product possible:

  • Buy a CBD inhaler from a brand with a good reputation and positive customer feedback from those who have used it.
  • Buy your CBD inhaler only from reliable outlets such as CanaBD.
  • Check if the manufacturer has a return policy in case the inhaler does not work as indicated.
  • Confirm from the seller/maker that the inhaler delivers a measured dose every time.

Safety: Taking care of your CBD inhaler

  • Keep your inhaler away from children lest they mistake it for a play item and mistakenly use it on themselves.
  • Shake before use every time in order to ensure that you get a positive response when pressing the inhaler. If you have to use the inhaler a second time you may end up taking a higher dose than intended.
  • Once you have used up your CBD, do not discard your inhaler canister by burning as that may be dangerous. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer as per the user guide.


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