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full spectrum cbd

The popularity of CBD oil has grown by leaps and bounds in recent months. At the moment, CBD oil is one of the most searched for, purchased, and asked about, organic plant extracts in the market. But in can get a little confusing trying to understand what types of CBD oils there are in the market, what each holds in store for your body and health, and which CBD product you should buy for your needs. One of the most common types of CBD oil, which you will see a lot of on our site is full spectrum CBD oil. On this page, find out what full spectrum CBD oil is, how it’s made, and what it holds in store for you and your well-being.

What is full spectrum CBD oil and how is it obtained?

Full spectrum CBD oil refers to CBD oil that has not been adversely purified and various phyto-nutrients and molecules removed from it. In simpler terms, it is CBD oil that still contains a lot of the cannabinoids that the hemp plant is known and sought out for.

When cannabidiol (CBD) oil is being manufactured, hemp plants are first harvested. Once the initial liquid extract is obtained from the plant matter, the separation process to obtain CBD oil begins. Full spectrum CBD oil is what is obtained in the very first level of purity (or extraction). As a result, full spectrum CBD oil contains terpenes, other cannabinoids such as CBG and traces of THC, terpenes, and various plant minerals. Other levels of extraction follow to obtain various spectrums of CBD oil. However, although these subsequent spectrums may be referred to as being more pure, they gain that title at the cost of losing a lot of the secondary beneficial properties that full spectrum CBD oil has.

How is full spectrum CBD oil made?

CBD oil in general is obtained from hemp plants via various extraction and purification processes. Different companies selling CBD oil use different methods to obtain full spectrum CBD oil as well as CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD oil. First the hemp plants are harvested. The most viable parts for CBD oil include leaves, flowers, and stems. The seeds are not used but hemp seed oil is widely used in other industries for the production of cooking oil and cosmetic products.

Once the viable hemp plant parts are harvested, various solvents and methods are used to extract the cannabinoids. After that, the oil is further processed to separate it from other cannabinoids and only remain with cannabidiol. Full spectrum CBD oil contains these other important cannabinoids and plant nutrients so it is not passed through a vigorous separation processes compared to its spectrum counterparts.

Some of the common extraction and purification methods include use of CO2, use of hydrocarbons such as acetone & butane, use of oils such as olive oil and coconut oil, and even use of alcohols such as ethanol. The CO2 extraction process, however, is by far the most favourable of them all and most (if not all) of our products at CanaBD are derived via this method. But what makes CO2 extraction better than other methods? Apart from being economical and environmentally safer, CO2 extraction uses no does not contaminate the CBD oil by adding impurities or thermally (via heat) altering the molecular structure of the end product.

Benefits of full spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil offers additional benefits because it contains extra cannabinoids, it contains plant minerals and it also contains terpenes, and flavonoids. By virtue of carrying the full spectrum of the CBD oils, it is believed to hold stronger medicinal properties unlike CBD isolates that only contain cannabidiol and nothing else.

How full spectrum CBD oil compares with other CBD oils

The tables below can better help to show how full spectrum cannabidiol compares with other CBD products in the market:

Full Spectrum CBD OilBroad Spectrum CBD Oil
Little chance of contaminated CBD oil due to minimal purification process.Moderate chance of contaminated CBD oil.
Contains other cannabinoidsContains other cannabinoids
Cheap to manufacture or buyRelatively cheap to manufacturer or buy
Contains traces of THCContains no traces of THC
Contains terpenes and flavonoidsContains terpenes and flavonoids
Full spectrum CBD oilCBD isolate
Contains other useful cannabinoids from the hemp plant.Does not contain other cannabinoids from the hemp plant.
Is cheaper to buyIs expensive to buy
Contains plant mineralsDoes not contain plant minerals
Contains terpenes and flavonoidsDoes not contain terpenes and flavonoids
Has very little risk of accumulating impurities during extractionHas some risk of accumulating impurities  due to extensive extraction process
Full Spectrum CBD OilGeneral Hemp Oil Extract
Does not contain chlorophyll, plant wax, fats and lipidsContains plant chlorophyll, lipids, fats and plant wax
Is relatively cheap and easy to obtainIs relatively cheaper and easier to obtain
Has gone through purification process to obtain CBD oilHas not gone through any purification process
Has medicinal valueHas very limited medicinal value

How do you make sure you’re buying full spectrum CBD oil?

If you want to enjoy the full array of benefits that hemp CBD oil has to offer then it is important to buy products that contain full spectrum CBD oil. One sure way of ascertaining this before making a purchase is reading the ingredients on the cover of the product. However, this method is in no way fool-proof as there are industry players misrepresenting information about their products. An additional way to protect yourself is to buy from reliable outlets such as CanaBD where we carefully vet the brands we sell and even go the extra mile to seek third-party lab tests just to ensure that when the label says “full spectrum CBD oil”, it really is so.


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