Ella Marks

Amazing Product

Brilliant product. I have suffered for years but am now actually sleeping through the night. I will be buying more! Arrived well packaged and on time.

Mike Perry

CBD  to treat disorder

I use CBD oil on a daily basis to get a good night sleep and to treat other conditions. The guys at canabd.com were super responsive and helpful with all my questions.
Also got great discount 🙂
For sure will come back for more
Great product. Great Shop!


Service was exceptional

Service was exceptional, I received my package within 3 days and when I had a few questions all of them were answered immediately and thoroughly.
The product is excellent – I use it to eliminate pain, and it works perfectly for me.
I would def. recommend Canabd.

Andrew Linden

Nice to have quality assurance

I have bought in several places, but i’m never too sure as too what I’m getting. I like that there are lab tests and I don’t have to investigate too much about the products here. P

Jessica McCharthy

I have just found the perfect LipBalm!

I like to take it at night, CBD Oil help me sleep like a baby. I know it doesn’t make sense, but truth is stranger than fiction I guess! Well done!

Fiona Doyle

CBD Chocolate

The Vegan CBD bitter chocolate bites are heavenly. Too bad you have only in 200mg

Ramon Ingram

Fabulous product

Fabulous product. Only took a few days of use to easily fall asleep again and sleeping like a baby. Before that, it took me between 1.5 to 2 hours of rolling around in bed. Besides, there’s a kind of light feeling, which I can’t really explain because CBD oil doesn’t get you high at all, it hardly contains any THC.

Lucy Mckinney

Organic CBD product

Listen to me carefully – this is what you need. Really, I don’t get it how come not everyone is taking CBD oil, it’s the best thing that happened to me recently. Well, perhaps not the best but definitely one of the them. I’ve tried all sorts of things for headaches, which are addicting and CBD is not only natural it’s actually works. It’s not like you need a high dosage or something, just a few drops every day.

Sandra Silva

Great treatment

Normally I wouldn’t bother leaving a review, but this time it’s important enough that everyone should know. My father has cancer. He can’t vape but can still take a few CBD drops sublingually. At first, he didn’t want to hear any of it, but we were told to convince him, and not too long afterwards, a few days perhaps, it kicked in. Many of the side effects he suffered from all the treatments suddenly gone altogether or were greatly reduced. Seems to me the benefits are far greater in comparison to other medications combined. Truth is, I already ordered some for myself.


Good products to have

I’d like to recommend both products and service. Normally you order something and when you don’t get it you have no one to talk to and you have to beg for a refund, or at least have it re-sent instead. Well, I ordered CBD oil before Christmas and was sweating bullets when it failed to arrive. I kept waiting for ages and never got it. So, I emailed them and got a reply within 10 minutes or so, saying sorry you’re right! should we resend or refund you? They even sent a coupon code for next time. @canabd, you’ll hear from me soon enough 😉