How to Use CBD

Take 2 drops under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds allowing the CBD to absorb directly into the bloodstream through small blood vessels under the tongue and the mouth lining before swallowing.

E-liquid or vape juice should be placed directly into a vaporisation device. IT is not recommended to start with more than 10mg of CBD/day.

CBD spray is used in a similar way to CBD oil. Spray under the tongue and let the liquid absorb for 60 seconds, then swallow.

Take 1-2 capsule with a full glass of water and swallow.

CBD tinctures are CBD extracts that are mixed in a solution of water and alcohol. Often terpenes are added to enhance the product.

The major difference between CBD oil and tincture is that CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT or olive oil and a tincture is mixed with water and alcohol.

Yes, tinctures are made with water and alcohol to preserve the CBD and increase its bioavailability.

CBD tinctures are used in much the same way as CBD oil. Simply place the specified amount of drops under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds before swallowing.

Edible CBD refers to edible food products that contain CBD in them. The CBD-enriched foods are absorbed directly via the digestive tract. Edible CBD comes in a variety of forms including gummies, candies, lollipops, chocolate, cookies, cakes and tea, coffee and soft drinks. 

Edible CBD may have side effects or allergies depending on the type of food that is enriched with the CBD.

CBD oil comes in the form of oil that is ingested by placing a few drops under the tongue where it is absorbed. Capsules on the other hand are digested via the gut lining and stomach.

For those that prefer a tasteless experience, CBD capsules are the preferred method.

The best way to consume CBD capsules is by swallowing with a full glass of water or another drink. CBD capsules may be taken throughout the day, several times a day, depending on the dosage. To find your optimal dosage start slow and increase until you reach your target dose.

The main advantage is the ease of use. CBD capsules are convenient to carry and pack, without any spilling. CBD capsules are also completely tasteless and offer an accurate method of dosing.

Terpenes are naturally occuring compounds found in plants and fruits and are responsible for giving off a distinct scent. Terpene forms the basis of aromatherapy.

Similar to their odorless relatives – cannabinoids, terpenes are oily compounds found within the trichome glands in the cannabis plant.

Unlike cannabinoids which can only be found in the cannabis plant, terpins are found everywhere in the plant kingdom, and are regularly consumed by humans. To date, more than 20,000 terpene species have been identified, of which about 200 have been found in the cannabis plant.

The terpene profile of cannabis differs from strain to strain.

The cannabis plant has so far identified about 200 different types of terpenes, but only a few of them are found in notable amounts. Among those terpenes that can be found in larger amounts are: Alpha-pinene (essential pine oil), Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool – Also found in lavender, Beta-caryophyllene – Also found in black pepper, oregano and herbs and other edible leaves.

There are various types of vaping devices out there, but the most popular are e-cigarettes, vape pens and mods (another kind of vape pen enhanced with additional features).

E-cigarettes are the most popular and easy to use and enable users to enjoy the act of smoking while avoiding the hazards of smoke and chemicals found in tobacco.

Vape pens are generally less expensive and are simpler in design; they look like large fountain pens.

CBD e-liquid is put into a cartridge that is placed in the body of the device. There is a heating component within the device that is usually powered by batteries that heats the liquid into an inhalable aerosol, which is then inhaled by the user.

CBD oil is free of nicotine and does not cause any of the harmful effects caused by nicotine.

Moreover, CBD oil vaporizes at around 200℃, which makes it perfect for e-cigarettes. Many of our e-liquids contain terpenes that carry additional benefits and are released only at specific temperatures. In fact, the popularity of vaping CBD has grown after evidence was found that the combination of CBD and vaping can actually help people quit smoking.

E-liquid, e-juice, and vape juice are different names for the same thing: a liquid that contains CBD and is used in heating devices for the purpose of vaping.

A CBD cartridge or CBD cart is the container that holds the CBD e-liquid and is placed into a vape for the purpose of inhaling.

A high-quality cartridge contains high-quality, hemp-based CBD with other terpenes for a flavourful and pleasurable vaping experience.

No. Legal CBD contains 0.2% or less THC and will not get you high or show up on a drug test. Hemp-derived CBD is 100% non-psychoactive.