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CBD Paste is the end result of mixing CBD extract with butter or wax. It is the most natural form of CBD as it is extracted from the plant as is: pure, raw, potent and inclusive of all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, amino-acids, waxes and terpenes.  Its high potency makes it a favourite amongst customers looking for a double the effect for half the amount. If you are looking for high quality pastes, you should check the range of products and suppliers in the CanaBD market place, knowing that all have been CanaBD certified and that each and every one have been tested by a 3rd party laboratory. Check out our range of Organic, non-GMO, full Spectrum pastes offered below. If you are not sure about trying CBD in a paste format, you better try out the CanaBD Match maker to find out which CBD product is most suitable for your specific needs.

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CBD Products

  • PROVACAN CBD Paste 2500mg 5ml

    • 50% CBD + 14% additional phytocannabinoids
    • Full-spectrum
    • Unflavoured
    • Organic, non-GMO
    • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
    • Sourced from organic EU hemp
    • No artificial flavours or fragrances
    • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.2% THC)
    • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
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What is CBD OIL?


What is CBD Paste?

CBD paste or extract is a think liquid substance that is the result of mixing CBD extract, extracted from the hemp plant before any processing has taken place, and wax or Butter. Often Cannabis or hemp plant extracts or Pure CBD isolate are also added to this mixture, thereby making it extremely potent. The extreme potency might explain its syringe like packaging which resembles that of real medication. Still, it is not considered as medicine in the UK but rather as a raw superfood .It is pure, raw, and potent and inclusive of all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, amino-acids, waxes and terpenes, which probably the reason why it’s considered a raw superfood.


Why buy at CanaBD?

CandBD offers a unique service that is not offered elsewhere; a certificate of trust and quality! When you are buying a product from the CanaBD market place you know that this product has been checked, poked and tested to ensure the highest quality possible. This is because any product that receives the CanaBD certified stamp of quality is a product that meets the strictest regulatory requirements as well as has been lab tested by a 3rd party laboratory. Because products that are in the CanaBD market place are products you can trust.


Why CBD paste?

CBD paste carries the same benefits as any other CBD products, it’s unique in:

  1. Cost Effective – Because of CBD paste has an extremely high potency, it is a desired solution for those seeking double the effect for minimal the amount. Small doses makes it a longer lasting CBD product and thereby more cost effective.
  2. Increase Effect – The CBD paste, being extracted raw and natural, also includes other naturally occurring cannabinoids. We are not talking about the psychoactive “getting you high” THC, but rather about amino-acids, waxes and terpenes, which when consumed in conjunction with CBD, causes an entourage effect which helps the body faster as if in a medicinal concert.
  3. CBD for skin – Being Wax or butter base, makes the CBD paste a perfect candidate for topical application. The latter having a moisturising effect and the CBD itself can perform its antioxidant traits that enable:
    • The skin to strengthen its defence system
    • The skin to reinforce its regenerating abilities
    • To relieve and eliminate various types of skin problems
    • To reduce the amount of time a wound needs to heal

How to Store CBD paste?

Seeing that CBD past lasts longer, it is important to keep it away from direct sunlight, but also keep it away from warmth and humidity in order to secure a longer shelf life. It is therefore best to keep it in refrigerator, where it is cool and dark. Before using it, however, make sure it is in room temperature for easier use and when you finish using it make sure to screw on the dispenser in an anti-clockwise direction to that the pressure is released and that no substance can leak out.


What is the Recommended Dosage for CBD paste?

The recommended dose varies from one individual to another according to many parameters such as one’s weight, desire effect, medical condition etc. For instance, someone who has mild pain and weighs 70 Kg it would be enough to use 12 mg of CBD a day. For someone, however, who is in severe pain and weighs 100Kg, which simply wouldn’t be enough and would need at least 40mg of CBD per day.
The best practice is, therefore, starting with small doses and increasing gradually. Moreover, make sure to take high potency into consideration; if you have experience with other CBD products its best to start with amounts that are smaller than those you are used to.


How Do I Take the CBD paste?

CBD paste is generally taken orally or via the skin as follows:

1.     Sublingual – As with CBD oil, simply place a drop of the CBD Paste under your tongue before your meal and wait a minute for the substance to be absorbed through the tissue in your mouth and then swallow it.

2.     Orally – Feel free to infuse the paste with Food. The paste can even be added into pet treats (for those pets that don’t like the CBD taste)

3.     Topically Direct – You can also infuse it in your cosmetics and oil and then rub it into your skin and specifically the affected area.


What are the Dangers of Using CBD paste?

When dealing with CBD paste you need be careful of contaminated product or overuse or product.
Pastes are probably the easiest to obtain or even make a home because not a lot of knowledge is required for making it. This is why there is a danger of purchasing low-grade CBD paste without realizing it. So look out for signs of improper extraction and low-quality material, mouldy, or contaminated. Or purchase from a certified supplier such as those suppliers on the CanaBD marketplace, or those which have obtained the CanaBD certified stamp of authority.
Once you purchase a certified product you can be sure it is safe to use. You must, however, bear in mind not to squeeze to hard; as you squeeze the paste out of the syringe-type container, it’s very easy to push too much. Seeing that you can retract you need to either use it or throw it way. So you are either wasting substance or taking the risk of taking too much.