Privacy & Cookie Policy

1. What is the privacy policy?

The website and the Arubin united SRO company, or anybody on their behalf (hereinafter: "the website"), respect the privacy of the users of the website operating at the Internet address https: // and any other address at the website's discretion. These terms will teach you what the privacy policy of the site is. They review, among other things, how the site uses the information you provide to it and the information it collects about you when you use the site. In this policy, the term "personal information" means any information that can be reasonably used to identify you, including your first and last name, address, telephone number and more. This policy is an integral part of the terms of use of the site. The policy is worded in masculine for convenience only and applies equally to women.

2. Report an Invasion of Privacy

If you think your privacy has been violated during the use of the site, please contact us via the email address Representatives of the site are at your disposal for any request, comment, question or complaint.

3. Providing Details and Personal Information on the Site

Use of the Site does not involve the registration or submission of details and personal information. However, various areas and sections on the site, such as the area designated for site members, subscribing to the site's mailing lists, contacting the site using online contact forms found on the site, purchasing products and more – may involve registering and providing details and personal information, such as full name, address, Phone, active email address, organizational affiliation and other details as needed and the circumstances of the case. The required fields will be explicitly marked. Without providing the required details in the required fields you will not be able to register in the relevant area on the site. The details and personal information you provide, as well as additional details about your use of the Site (as set forth below in this policy), will be retained by the Site.

You are not required by law to provide the details and personal information. Submitting them depends on your consent and free will – however providing incorrect information, or not providing the full required details, may prevent you from completing the registration or using some of the site services, impair the quality of service provided to you and impair your ability to contact you if necessary. We may collect additional information when you contact and correspond with the site, for example when you submit any requests or inquiries to the site.

When you provide personal information to a third party, you declare that you have given your express consent to the provision of the information to the site, for the purpose of using this information in accordance with this policy.

4. Information Collected During the Use Of the Site

While using the Site, the Site may collect information about your practices regarding the use of the Site, including content you have uploaded or posted, information you have read, the pages you have viewed, the services you are interested in, the computer location and IP address used, the type of operating system you use. The type of end device you have and more. In addition, the site may collect and use the services of third parties to collect and analyze anonymous, statistical, or aggregate (aggregate) information in connection with the use of the site, including information regarding your activity on the site.

5. Social Networks and Personal Information You Share

The site provides users of the site with tools for sharing and linking content from the site through social networks and various online services. Please note that the use of such social networks and online services is external and separate to the site and subject to the privacy practices of those services. This policy does not apply to the operation of these social networks or any online service operated by a third party.

The site may also include content submitted for publication on behalf of the site's users. This content may also include personal information. Know that the content you upload to the site is not private or confidential and that you should have no expectation of privacy regarding it. You must exercise caution and exercise discretion when submitting personal information that may identify you or others.

6. Use of Information

The details and personal information you provide and the details collected by the site during your use of the site will be used in accordance with the provisions of this policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law, for the following purposes:

  • To enable you to use the Site, the content contained therein and the services it offers;
  • To identify you during your re-entries to areas that require registration and to save you from having to enter your details each time;
  • To improve and enrich the services and content on the site, including creating new services and content that meet the requirements of users and their expectations, as well as changing or cancelling existing services and content. The information that will be used by the site for this purpose will mainly be statistical information, which does not identify you personally;
  • To allow you to tailor the services on the site to your preferences;
  • To send you from time to time information about the services and contents of the site, activities related to it, surveys, information leaflets, etc. Such information may be publicity in nature and may be sent to you via text messages (SMS), emails, or other electronic means, As detailed in the terms of use of the site;
  • To contact you when we deem it necessary;
  • For the purpose of analysis, control and delivery of statistical information to third parties. This information will not personally identify you;
  • For the proper operation and development of the site;
  • To enforce the terms of use of the site, in order to comply with the requirements of any law, regulation or other piece of legislation and also to assist competent authorities and any third party, when the site believes in good faith that it must do so;
  • For any other purpose, set forth in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use.

7. Providing Information to Third Parties

The site will not pass on to third parties the personal information you have provided and the details collected about your activity on the site, except in the following cases –

  • To the extent necessary for the proper provision of the Site Services;
  • If you violate the provisions of the Terms of Use of the Website, or if you perform through the Website, or in connection with it, actions that are deemed by the Website to be unlawful or an attempt to perform such actions;
  • If the site receives a court order, or a request from a competent authority, instructing it to provide your details or information about you to a third party;
  • In any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the Site and/or anyone on its behalf;
  • In any event, the Site deems that the provision of the information is necessary to prevent serious harm to your body or property or to the body or property of a third party;
  • The Site may transfer your information and information collected as a result of your use of the Site to other companies or organizations associated with the Site provided that they use this information only in accordance with the provisions of this policy;
  • For the purpose of providing and sharing anonymous, aggregate and statistical information with companies or other related organizations as well as with suppliers, business partners, advertisers and any third party, at the sole discretion of the site. The Site will not knowingly disclose to you your identity without your consent;
  • If the site organizes its activities in another framework and in the event that it changes its legal structure, including in the event that the site's activities and/or any part of it is transferred to a third party – it will be entitled to provide the new entity with a copy of the information stored about you. this;

8. Where is the Information Stored?

The information that the site collects is stored in its database, which is stored by server hosting and information backup providers, which may be located in different places in the world. Additional information, as specified in this policy is collected and stored by other companies (such as statistics companies, etc.). They can also store the information in different parts of the world. Your consent to this policy also constitutes consent to the information being stored abroad and transferred there.

9. Cookies

The website may use "cookies" for the purpose of its regular and proper operation, including collecting statistics about the use of the website, to verify details, to adapt the website to your personal preferences, for information security purposes and more.

"Cookies" are text files, which your browser creates on command from the site's computers. Some cookies will expire when you close the browser and others are stored on the hard drive of the end device you are using. Cookies can contain a variety of information such as the pages you visited, the length of time you were on the site, where you came from, sections, information you want to see when entering the site and more. The site also uses cookies originating from third parties, including Google Analytics, Google's advertising services, and social networks such as Facebook. The cookies are intended for displaying ads about products or services based on your various activities across the Internet and other sites and services you have visited (in a method known as Retargeting). In addition, cookies originating from Facebook and other social networks are intended to display information on the site that originates in those networks, to mark content that you "liked", to recommend you other content that may interest you and more.

For more information about the types of cookies that Google or anyone on its behalf collects and how they use these files, see the Google Information Center extension.

For more information about the use of "cookies" by Facebook or anyone on its behalf, see the extension of Facebook's "cookies" policy.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can avoid this by changing the settings in your browser. To do this, please consult your browser's help file. In some of the services mentioned above, you may request your removal from the collection of cookies about you (using optout). Keep in mind, however, that disabling cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and features on the Site or other websites. In addition, you can delete the cookies on your computer at any time. It is suggested that you do so only if you are convinced that you do not want the site to be tailored to your preferences or share with third parties information about your activities on the site.

10. Information Security

The site attaches paramount importance to the security of the information in its systems. To protect the information, it operates information security systems, applications and procedures designed to minimize the risks of theft, damage, loss or unauthorized access to the information. However, there is no certainty that these applications absolutely guarantee that personal information will not be exposed or stolen from the databases. Therefore, the site does not warrant, and you can not reasonably expect, the services and information systems used by it to be immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein. By using the Site and its services, you are aware of and agree to these limitations.

11. Right to Review Information

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, every person is entitled to review himself, or by his authorized representative in writing or by a guardian, the information about him held in a database. A person who reviewed the information about him and found it incorrect, complete, clear or Updated, may contact the database owner to request or delete the information. If the database owner has refused, he must notify the applicant in the manner and manner set forth in the regulations under the Privacy Protection Law. The database owner refuses to allow review and notice of refusal to correct or delete information Please note that the deletion of information may prevent you from continuing to receive services from the site and lead to the cancellation of your registration on the site. The information required for the site – including documentation of actions you have performed on the site – will continue to be retained by the site. If you do not receive notification within 30 days that the information requested by the site has been deleted in accordance with this section, you will be entitled to apply to the court in the manner prescribed by the regulations under the Privacy Protection Law, to direct the site to act as aforesaid.

12. Changes to Privacy Policy

The Site may change the terms of the Privacy Policy from time to time. If material changes are made to the policy, a notice will be published on the home page of the site 30 days before the changes take effect. If other non-material changes are made to the policy, a notice will be published on the home page of the site 7 days before they enter into force – unless changes are made to the policy in accordance with the provisions of any law, or a competent authority requirement. Continued use of the Site after the change in policy indicates your agreement to the amended policy. If you do not agree with the updated wording of the policy, you must stop using the site again. You can review the latest policy at any time by clicking on the appropriate link on the site.