Our Brands

At canabd we make every effort to bring you the best and highest quality brands. Every brand we sell has been tested by our team of experts and third-party labs.


One of the most trusted CBD brands in the UK and flagship brand of cannabis research company CiiTECH. Provacan was established in 2016 and has grown to an extensive range of some unique CBD oil products and formulations. The ranges spread across all categories within the CBD industry inlcuding Oils, capsules, edibles, topicals, isolates and vapes.

Provacan ultilises some of the latest discoveries of Cannabis research to bring to market the newest and latest products. The extensive amount of work that goes into each products results in a carefully designed, CBD product that is of high quality. Additionally, Clear, readable packaging and Provacan's transparency makes it a brand of choices for many CBD consumers in the UK.


Self-care and self-love come hand-in-hand with the HuGG. Each product is designed to fit into your self-care regime and provide you with a little reminder of how important you are. Designed with industry experts to give you and your skin the very best.

The HuGG has a range of self-care and skin-care products infused with subtle scents derived from nature's finest ingredients and essential oils. Each product is carefully curated to fit into your lifestyle. The brand is part of the CiiTECH portfolio of trusted CBD brands.

CBD is the spotlight ingredient that is incorporated into each product which functions as an anti-sebum, antioxidant, skin conditioning and skin-protecting ingredient. Which, when combined with other ingredients offers an even more perfect product to fit into your daily skin care game.


IMPACT CBD sports supplements are curated for those who are serious about supporting an active lifestyle. Whether you’re an elite athlete, or simply wanting to get up and get fit, IMPACT is made for you.

Each product is designed to fit into the world of sports and target those areas that need it most. Use a combination of products daily to get the full CBD support your body needs.

IMPACT is powered by CiiTECH, a consumer-focused cannabis research company with a proven track record of creating excellent CBD health products. Through its partnerships with universities and researchers, CiiTECH leverages the cutting-edge science and cannabis technological know-how to create trusted CBD brands and products for niche markets.


At Labotanix, we believe in the power of CBD (cannabidiol) and we want everyone that desires to tap into these properties to get their fair chance. Labotanix believes that CBD should be accessible to everyone who needs it. That is why we work hard to keep our quality high and our prices competitive.

Labotanix has been in operation for a relatively short amount of time, but during that time we have already managed to become a recognised and respected brand in the market.

All canabd CBD Products

Contain under 0.2% THC

Produced from EU hemp

100% natural – no chemicals

100% organic cannabis

Produced from hemp

High-quality extraction process

Tested by third-party laboratories

No herbicides, no pesticides