What Are CBD Terpenes and Why Are Their Sales Growing?

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Already having captivated the attention of many, CBD is quickly becoming an industry that’s attaining astronomical growth in a relatively short amount of time. Losing the stigma associated with Marijuana, and gaining notariety for perceived health benefits, CBD is starting to push one of its other components into the spotlight as well: terpenes. Many people aren’t actually familiar with terpenes, what they are, what they do, etc. However, given that the sales are growing at such a rapid pace, it’s good to familiarize yourself with these compounds because you’ll likely be finding terpenes for sale in your local dispensaries and shops very soon!

 What is a Terpene?

Terpenes, also known as terpenoids, are literally all around us! They can be found in different types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, plants, and more. Terpenes are the chemical compounds that are responsible for the aroma and flavors of the aforementioned items. They are also used in many aromatherapy products as well. As it pertains to CBD, terpenes are in high demand because they possess a myriad of benefits that scientists have said can potentially boost the effects of CBD if they are included in the products that are CBD- infused. You can find terpenes for sale on various sites online as well.

 What Are CBD Terpenes Used For?

Unbeknownst to many who are new to the CBD community and even those who are fairly familiar with their benefits, it is actually the terpenes, to hear essential oils, that are working behind the scenes. They  give cannabis its particular flavor profile and qualities, and distinct aroma. Terpenes are widely used in what you know as aromatherapy. There are certain terpenes dominant in Cannabis, such as linalool and pinene. Many people are now starting to want the terpenes included in their CBD products because they say it makes them more enjoyable.

 What is the Projected Growth for the CBD Market?

There are a lot of innovative ideas floating around the CBD market as sales are growing exponentially and new products are constantly arriving to expand the scope of various sectors such as skin care, edibles, aromatherapy, holistic medicine and more. There are terpenes for sale in various forms due to companies trying to expand their inventory. For example, terpene mixtures that mimic the flavors and properties of cannabis without actually using marijuana are quickly becoming popular. Due to the newly acquired knowledge of terpenes means that this particular product is seeing a spike in sales.

 There’s also new terpene tech being created such as atomizers and vaporizers that allow users who enjoy the psychedelic effects of cannabis and cannabis byproducts to experience the various flavors of terpenes in a more concentrated manner. CBD products that have a high concentration of terpenes and terpene edibles are being developed amongst many other products that can suit the different needs of all users.

 Remember that terpenes are like essential oils and are derived from natural substances. Alone, they don’t possess any psychoactive effects, but they can help you enhance your experience.

 Be on the lookout for terpenes on sale and  new products near you!


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