The TRUTH about CBD Side Effects

side effects of cbd

Cannabidiol or CBD is the popular chemical extract that has been sweeping the world due to its apparent effectiveness. With such a influx of this successful product, a responsible question to ask may be—what are the side effects of CBD, if any? Moreover, it is important to question what potential negative effects CBD can have on your life as a whole because nothing is more important than your overall health.


Cannabidiol is one of many chemical compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is singled out amongst the hundreds of chemical compounds within the plants because of its uncanny ability to promote health and wellness in a myriad of different ways. Moreover, CBD is preferred before Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another chemical compound found in both plants; THC is the sole compound responsible for causing people to be what is referred to in common vernacular as “high”. It is for this reason CBD is preferred over THC because CBD grants all of the benefits that you would receive if you were to smoke the plants without contracting the high that is associated with doing so. Moreover, there is no risk of paranoia or inability to concentrate—all of the very things associated with ingesting THC.

CBD and how it can interact with medication

Despite all of the salubrious effects of CBD and its many products, there are some potential side effects that one should be aware of before taking CBD in any form. For those individuals with pre-existing conditions which require the use of medications, it is possible for CBD to have a negative effect on the effectiveness of your medication. After one has ingested CBD and their medication at some point throughout the day, it is possible that when your body begins to metabolize the medication that you have taken that it will not be as efficient at doing so.

This is due to the fact that CBD can interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize substances by either speeding up or slowing down the metabolic process. Neither scenario is ideal for the effectiveness of your medication; too fast causes the medicine to run its course before it has had a chance to work, and too slow causes the effects of the medicine to take too long to take affect. Be keenly aware of the possibility that CBD can possibly interact with your medication negatively. Also be aware that other medications can have this affect and consequently cause your CBD to be processed too slowly or quickly.

More potential side effects of CBD

Over time the range of potential side effects of CBD has been observed intently. It has been reported that CBD can cause diarrhea, reduced appetite, dry mouth, drowsiness. It has been duly reported that CBD is has the side effect of inducing sleep— which works wonders for sufferers of insomnia; however, it is this very same reason which can cause a person to be abnormally drowsy. The endocannabinoid system is the system which is responsible for the effects of CBD. This system exists throughout the tissues of the body and this includes the salivary glands. Subsequently, taking CBD can affect your salivary glands causing you to have dry mouth. Luckily, this side effect can be easily remedied by sipping your favorite beverage to ward off the drying effects of the CBD.

Check for third party lab testing

When considering your health it is very important to thoroughly research the brand of CBD that you choose to use. CBD as an industry is still in infancy and due to this fact there is very little regulation concerning the quality of the product. As you may have guessed, such circumstances can have a negative affect on your health if the very product in which you thought you were purchasing is actually not that product at all. More specifically, because of the lack of oversight unsavory companies are willing to advertise that they are giving higher concentrations of CBD than they really are. Furthermore, they have been many incidences where there were higher concentrations of THC within the CBD product than what was advertised. For all of these potential dangers it is imperative to check for products who guarantee third party lab testing so as to ensure that the product is what it says it is.

All in all be sure to continue your research on how CBD can affect your body both positively and negatively.


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