Organic CBD in the UK & Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Less

organic CBD

Phytoremediation | A Simple Science Lesson

It is essential that high-quality CBD is sourced from the very best raw ingredients. One of the best ways to do that is to ensure the hemp in your products is grown on legal, organic farms.

Unfortunately, many of the CBD products currently on the market do not contain high-quality ingredients. That said, organic CBD in the UK isn’t as easy to find as you might think. Sadly, there are an abundance of untested CBD products on the market in the UK and your safety may be at risk if you use them.

To understand how safe, ethical, and organic CBD products are created,  we’re going to have to delve into a bit of a science lesson.

Despite its bad reputation due to its association with marijuana, hemp has gotten a bad rep. But the truth is, it is a remarkable plant. Hemp is one of the strongest fibers in the world and for hundreds of years, people across the world have been cultivating industrial hemp for basic necessities such as:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Rope
  • Fabrics

Aside from the fundamental essentials above, did you know that the hemp plant has also positively impacted the agricultural and industrial remediation process? This means that hemp can get rid of the fertilizers, pesticides, and pollutants leftover from nuclear disasters that have affected our soils around the globe.

For decades, contaminants from commercial production, chemical-heavy farming methods, toxic waste sites, and vehicles have infiltrated our atmosphere. In most cases, the toxic substances left behind have grown out of control.

You may or may not have seen the 2017 headline: “Farmers in Italy Fight Soil Contamination with Cannabis.” There were farmers in Italy that used a type of cannabis to decontaminate polluted soil by using phytoremediation, which transforms toxins into a non-toxic substance.

This wasn’t the first time contamination was fought with hemp. In 1986, hemp was cultivated to clean up the soil after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in Ukraine.

How Hemp Cleans and Improves Polluted Soil

Phytoremediation  restores the balance of the soil. When the roots of a plant grow 1.5 to 3ft deep into the soil, they absorb and store man-made pollutants and heavy metals. Coupled with a shorter growing cycle, light use efficiency and biomass production, the phytoremediation process leaves environmentalists thrilled to know there is a natural and sustainable way to help clean up our polluted soil.

How does phytoremediation relate to the need to use organic CBD prodcuts that have been third-party tested?

Although hemp is helping polluted lands, unregulated CBD retailers around the world are selling unsafe CBD products because of it. Hazardous CBD products being sold in and around the UK.

In line with the Cannabis Industry Journal, the CBD products that are being sold across Europe are diluted and contaminated because there is no regulation set in place to ensure contaminant-free cannabis.

According to the Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC), they found that six million UK adults have tried CBD in some way, shape, or form. Furthermore, through testing they discovered that out of 30 CBD products from an array of CBD retailers:

  • Only 38% had the amount of CBD shown on the label.
  • Another 38% had less than the CBD shown on the label.
  • Half of all samples had more THC (responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects) than legally permitted.
  • One product had approximately 3.8% ethanol (found in alcoholic beverages).
  • Even more disturbingly, some of the products contained solvents and heavy metals.

If you are looking for organic CBD in the UK, there are many high-quality options available. However, it is imperative as a consumer to make sure you are buying from certified and reliable brands.

While hemp is a true blessing for cleaning up contaminated soil, untested hemp might be a curse for consumers looking for wellness advantages.

Hemp grown amongst contaminants produce contaminated CBD products. Plain and simple. For that reason, laws concerning the growing, handling, as well as a complete screening of hemp-derived cannabinoid supplements are vital for customer safety and security.

CBD is a compound that comes from hemp leaves and flowers. While people understand that CBD is plant-based, what consumers don’t realize is that the hemp plant is extremely powerful. It can help clean up dirty and polluted soil. This potent plant can pull toxins through to its very roots.

When browsing through CBD produt options, consider the following when trying to determine whether the retailer is selling safe, natural, and organic CBD products:

#1 – Make sure the retailer is using suppliers who use clean soil before beginning the extraction process.

#2 – Ensure that the products being sold have been tested by laboratories with high-quality standards. Using such laboratories confirm that the hemp was grown, extracted, and produced from clean and toxin-free soil. 

Untested CBD | Know the Risks

By using untested CBD, there is no way to guarantee it is organic and natural.

By not using organic and natural CBD products in the UK, consumers risk taking the chance that:

#1 – The CBD product is not safe for human consumption through skin or mouth.

#2 – There may not even be CBD in the product at all.

#3 – There may be too much “illegal” THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana).

Needless to say, studies show the monitoring and testing of CBD products for contamination is not being performed the way it should be, and this is the cause for public health concern around the world.

With untested CBD, your risks include:

  • Consuming pesticides.
  • Ingesting toxic metal.
  • Inhalation of nickel.
  • Lead poisoning.
  • Airborne pollutants.
  • Fungi and bacteria toxicity.
  • And other contaminations.

The scientific phenomenon, phytoremediation, plays a significant role for customers looking to take advantage of the health and wellness advantages that CBD products can provide.

How to Know Your CBD Products are Coming From Clean Soil

Make sure it’s, in fact, CBD.  To be confident you are receiving what you pay for, ask the retailer to provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the third-party lab they use to ensure there are no pesticides.

Growing conditions are critical. Ensure your retailer guarantees the CBD in the products they are selling is grown in organic soil.Click To Claim Your Exclusive CBD Bottle

No Supervision for CBD Products in the UK

Since CBD became UK legal in 2018, there is not a single entity supervising how hemp crops are cultivated for the CBD industry. Much of the CBD trade is built upon raw ingredients manufactured somewhere else in Europe, or even India.

CanaBD ensures the CBD in the products we provide our customers are organic and safe. We use third-party lab testing to ensure organic and natural products from trustworthy and credible distributors.


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