How to take CBD

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The preferred method of CBD consumption will vary from person to person, depending on what it is used for in the first place and depending on personal preferences. There are several methods of CBD consumption with specific products created for each. The effects of CBD will be experienced differently depending not only on the method of consumption but also on the nature of the user.

Sublingual administration

The most common method of CBD consumption is sublingual administration, which is especially popular among those who are just starting CBD treatment. CBD oils and tinctures are CBD-based products which are taken sublingually. While CBD oils contain CBD in an oil base, CBD tinctures contain CBD in an alcohol base.

How to take CBD sublingually:

The product is placed under the tongue, where it is held from 60 to 90 seconds, and then swallowed. Holding the product under your tongue will allow hemp extract compounds to be directly absorbed by the mucous membranes and delivered to the blood steam.

Oral ingestion

If sublingual administration does not particularly appeal to you, you can ingest CBD orally. There is a whole range of CBD-infused foods and beverages, also called CBD edibles. You can also make CBD edibles on your own if you choose.

How to make CBD edibles

There are a couple of things you should pay attention to when making your own CBD edibles. You will need CBD that is infused in fat or oil-based ingredients, like CanaBDs CBD oils. Make sure that the product is not exposed to temperatures higher than 320 degrees since it will lose its quality. The product should not be placed on direct heat. The dosage should be determined depending on how many servings you are making, and it is always good to start with a lower dose.

Topical application

CBD topical products  are applied directly to the skin and absorbed. There is a range of CBD products created specifically for topical use such as balms, lotions, ointments, and even bath and body care products. You can apply them directly to the skin, avoiding mucous membranes.

Vaporized consumption

Vaping or inhaling CBD is another method of CBD consumption. Since CBD goes into the bloodstream through the lungs, the body absorbs higher amounts of CBD at a faster rate. It takes less time to feel the effects of CBD if inhaled than if taken other way.  If you are a non-smoker, this might not be the ideal method for you since it can be harsh on your throat.

How to vape CBD

The most common products used to vape CBD are disposable vape pens, oil cartridges, pods, and refillable vape pens. While the first three are easier to use than refillable vape pens, the latter is more cost-effective in the long run.

Have you decided which method would work best for you? Head to our product section to choose your products!


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