CBD inhalers vs. CBD vaping – Are they one and the same?

cbd vape and inhalers

CBD, or cannabidiol, is becoming an increasingly popular supplement worldwide. The research on its properties and the way it affects the human body is limited, but the data so far are promising and suggest that CBD has the potential to replace over-the-counter drugs in the future. What we can claim with a high degree of certainty is that CBD can improve your physical and mental well-being. 

Being new to CBD can be a rather overwhelming experience, not just because of a lot of misinformation on CBD and its uses being circulated, but also because of the challenges one faces when choosing the right brand and the right product. At CanaBD, we do our best to ease the troubles most of the CBD users, be it beginners or experienced users, face. 

What is CBD?

There are over a hundred naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis, and CBD is one of them. It is closely related to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which most of us have heard of. CBD and THC have similar properties, however, unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive compound. Using it does not produce the feeling of euphoria associated with THC. CBD is used to improve overall well-being and what makes it appealing is the fact that it is 100% organic, safe for use and non-addictive. 

Why buy CBD from a trusted source?

We are not a manufacturer but a marketplace for the first-rate CBD products, which fulfil the strict requirements of manufacturing. CBD found in our products is sourced from the non-GMO industrial hemp legally grown in the EU and the USA. It is extracted using pressurized carbon dioxide, the industry’s gold standard, to ensure the extraction of as many desirable cannabinoids as possible. Our products are 100% natural and 100% organic, without harmful additives, herbicides or pesticides. To guarantee superb quality and safety, all of our products have successfully passed tests in third-party laboratories before finding their place in our marketplace.

What products are available?

We offer a variety of CBD-based products suited to different consumer preferences. CBD oil is the most popular and our best-selling product. It is suitable for sublingual and topical consumption as well as ingestion, which is precisely the reason why it is more popular than other CBD products. CBD oils we offer vary in flavours and CBD potencies, which range from 100 mg to 10,000 mg.

While it takes longer to see the effects of CBD with CBD capsules than it does with CBD oils, they are still the favorite product of many. They come with a premeasured dose of CBD, are discreet and taste-free. Our pure hemp-based capsules are ingested orally, much like any other capsule or pill. 

Our CBD edibles are not only a delicious supplement to one’s diet, but are also a discreet way of getting your daily dose of CBD. We wanted to make sure anyone can find something for themselves, which is why we offer a range of CBD edibles, from gummies to milk chocolate bites.

Our CBD cosmetics and skin-care products help moisturize and nourish the skin and do so at no cost to your health. Unlike many of the cosmetics products offered nowadays, our CBD cosmetics are organic and toxins-free.

We also offer products for those who prefer inhaling or smoking CBD. You can find vaporizers, CBD sprays and CBD inhalers and supplements which are essential for creating an optimal CBD experience.

Lastly, we made sure not to exclude our furry friends, which is why we offer CBD products for your pets. 

What is CBD Match?

We do understand that choosing the right CBD product might be confusing and challenging. That is why we tried to simplify things by creating a CBD Match algorithm, which helps you choose an ideal product for you. 

CBD Match finds the product most suitable for your needs and preferences by taking into account the following: 

  • Your age
  • What you would like to achieve by using CBD
  • What the preferred method of consumption is
  • What the preferred effect of using CBD is
  • Whether the taste of the oil is important to you or not
  • Whether you prefer Full Spectrum CBD or Pure CBD Isolate

CBD Match also works if you are choosing a CBD product for someone else. In case you have not done the research on what the benefits of CBD are, CBD Match will provide all the relevant information there is. By providing the answers to the questions the CBD Match algorithm asks, choosing the ideal CBD product for yourself takes a few clicks and less than three minutes of your time. 

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