CBD and Brain Tumors

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid, or chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. Used to heal a variety of ailments, dating back over a millenia, some historical evidence suggests that this plant compound has a substantial amount of medicinal benefits. Due to the desire to prohibit distribution of cannabis, the US government sought to find evidence that discredited the reality that this very beneficial plant harbors multiple health enhancers and has anti-cancer functions.

Recent findings on CBD treatment for Brain Tumors

There is a pervasive belief that cannabis kills brain cells and is harmful to the brain in general, however, this is not true. Some studies that have been conducted on animals have shown that cannabis actually kills tumor cells. Though these tests have not been fully proven for humans, it is a good indication of what the possibilities are as it pertains to using CBD to help stunt the growth or reduce tumors in the brain.

 Many doctors and researchers globally are discovering the various uses of CBD as a treatment option for brain tumors. Contrary to what others may believe, CBD comes in many forms and is not addictive, nor does it produce a feeling of intoxication. In the push for legislation that allows doctors and hospitals to administer CBD to cancer patients in conjunction with chemotherapy, scientists must figure out the proper dosage that allows for the compound to be both effective and without unwanted side effects.

Are there any specific examples of how CBD has helped with brain tumors?

Glioblastoma is a brain cancer and simultaneously one of the deadliest cancers, which usually limits the lives of patients to 5 years or less after a diagnosis has been made. The brain tumors from glioblastoma are known to proliferate very quickly and mounting evidence indicates that there are very potent properties within cannabinoids that can slow tumor growth and also contribute to the cell death of tumors.

During a 2019 study conducted by researchers located in Los Angeles, California, 6 out of 8 glioblastoma patients who were given a consistent dose of CBD had exceeded their life expectancies by 16 months. In addition to this, varying studies have stated that CBD can be used to treat headaches and seizures that occur as a result of alternative cancer treatments, as well as other side effects that patients may experience.

More research is needed

While there have not yet been enough standardized tests and conclusive studies (due to the availability and legality of using CBD), it is undeniable that there are innovative methods of using CBD to provide a better quality of life for those who are living with brain tumors. Learn more about CBD and the many benefits from CBD consumption through our articles and website. Our research is trustworthy and consistent!

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