Premium CBD Products

Thanks to laxed regulations concerning cannabidiol products such items can be easily found and conveniently purchased, with one looming caveat to consider. A lack of regulations also means that the authenticity of products like CBD oil are questionable to say the least. With a lack of oversight, less than decent companies are motivated to claim that their merchandise is quality CBD oil, while actually containing little to no CBD oil to begin with.

Here is where Provacan becomes very important. Provacan is a vetted brand of CBD oil whose company’s mission is to ensure that the canabidiol compound is satisfactorily present as advertised within the product. Provacan guarantees that their CBD oil is procured from the best quality organic hemp (certified). They even take it a step further; Provacan requires that their CBD capsules be independently lab tested by third party organizations who document and verify the presence of the canabidiol compound within the product. Additionally, in the interest of maintaining the integrity of safety, Provacan, under the auspices of a third party, ensures the absence of dangerous compounds the likes of chemical solvents and fertilizers.

What’s more, Provacan caters to their costumers gratuitously by making certain that they are given even more hemp compounds within the CBD oil. Furthermore, there is a concerted effort towards making the costumers experience as enjoyable as possible as evident through the inclusion of an all natural terpene profile which appreciably improves the taste and the beneficial properties of Provacan’s CBD oil.

Provacan distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition by using CO2 extraction equipment to absorb the active canabidiol compound from the hemp plants. This innovative technique allows for the CBD compound to be harvested optimally, with minimal waste. At this point, the added benefits of this technique are realized because it provides the consumer with 100% natural and solventless finished product.

Provacan produces CBD oil in 4 varieties of concentrations, 300mg, 600mg,  1,200mg and 2400mg depending on your individual needs. Additionally, contained within their full-spectrum tinctures are plethora of all natural hemp extracts including,cannabidivarin, cannabigerol and cannabidiolic acid. Interestingly enough, these full spectrum compounds not only improves the flavor of the oil and increases its beneficial properties, but additionally it enhances the entourage effect, whereby taking the compounds all together produces a more powerful effect than when they are taken individually.

Finally, these oils are kosher and certified by an accredited institution.