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Who is Labotanix?

Labotanix is a company that prides itself on guaranteeing customer satisfaction.  Labotanix provides Full Spectrum CBD products with the highest quality. Beginning with precise and careful cultivation of organic Swiss hemp plants, Labotanix ensures that there are no harmful pesticides or harsh chemicals used in the growth of the plants. This offers security to the consumer due to the fact that they can be certain that no toxins are contained in their products.

In a CBD market that is rapidly expanding, companies such as Labotanix take the necessary precautions to keep themselves held to a standard of excellence.

Why choose Labotanix?

After the harvesting process, Labotanix uses a cold extraction method to remove the CBD and other compounds to produce a great product. After having procured the pure CBD, it is sent to a third party lab to test the purity and quality.

This extra step sets this company apart from its competitors. Additionally, Labotanix products come in a wide variety of forms and flavours. From CBD oil tinctures, to edibles, sprays, balms/creams, and e-liquids, Labotanix has products that are suitable for both children and adults. These items range in dosages but are affordable and have received positive reviews from customers. Their Full Spectrum CBD products also come in various flavours which are designed for those who do not desire the distinct taste of CBD oil.

Labotanix truly believes in the benefits of Cannabidiol. They’ve done their research and invested a lot of  money, and energy into spreading the word about CBD, and educating their customers on its benefits. Through innovation and the exchange of ideas, they’ve created a wide array of products that can fit the needs of all consumers. For those who are looking for a potent and pure CBD product that can be used short-term or long-term, Labotanix has a product for you.


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