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Based on the love of sports, CBD and science, IMPACT Sports CBD provides a pro-range of CBD products to support your active lifestyle. IMPACT was built in partnership with pro-athletes that would help us meet the highest expectations of CBD products from the fitness world.


cbd infographicIMPACT CBD formulations and products have achieved success not only by working with pro-athletes but also by taking the time to talking to and understanding its customers in the fitness world. IMPACT hosted its official launch at WIT Fitness Gym in central London, this allowed the brand, team, athletes and fitness fanatics to meet, talk and share their mutual love for sports, fitness, nutrition and CBD.

IMPACT is a brand that has proven its commitment to customers and the fitness community through its sponsorships, events, knowledge and products.


What makes IMPACT stand out even more is the need to provide high quality, reliable CBD products. IMPACT is powered by CiiTECH, a company with a reputable and deep understanding of cannabis.  CiiTECH’s research and development of legal CBD products brings IMPACT products to the forefront of the industry. IMPACT CBD’s formulations combine CiiTECH’s unrivalled knowledge with a passion for the athletics world.

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If you are looking for a brand that is trusted by pro-athletes, backed by science and includes a range of products targeted towards supporting athletes and fitness enthusiasts in their active lifestyles then choose IMPACT.

CBD QUALITY | IMPACT CBD is sourced from the EU and according to the highest EU/UK directives. You can rest assured that IMPACT products are 100% legal and made with the highest quality ingredients available in Europe. IMPACT CBD oils are batch tested and lab-verified for cannabinoid content.

EVOLUTIONARY PRODUCTS | You will find that IMPACT is constantly redeveloping it’s products to provide you with the most up to date formulas that have been carefully selected through CiiTECH R&D. Each product is designed to provide athletes with utmost support through their fitness.

100% NATURAL CBD | IMPACT CBD Oils are made with 100% natural, pure, high quality CBD. You can rest assured that you are getting real CBD oil with contents listed on the packaging. Made without any artificial flavours.  MCT, Hemp Seed Oil and Olive Oil are used as carrier oils for the CBD, depending on the product.

LEGAL UK CBD PRODUCTS | IMPACT is committed to providing its customers 100% legal UK CBD products that meet all the highest standards required to enter the market. The Hemp used for its CBD oil is sourced from 100% legal EU/UK strains.