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At CanaBD, we have created an online marketplace that sells only high-quality, pure CBD hemp-based products that meet strict manufacturing requirements and have successfully passed third-party laboratory testing.  This means we need to carefully select who we work with. We have carefully selected CBD products from only leading, UK-based market suppliers that ensure quality and reliability.


IMPACT Sports CBD  focuses on providing everyone that maintains an active lifestyle with specialised CBD formulations and products aimed at supporting the body’s own natural resilience throughout various forms of sport and physical activity.

What truly sets IMPACT apart is its dedication to the fitness world and understanding the science behind CBD. This is because IMPACT is powered by CiiTECH, a company with deep roots in cannabis research, and the development of legal CBD products. IMPACT CBD’s formulations combine CiiTECH’s unrivalled knowledge with a passion for sports and fitness.

Impact logo

IMPACT products are designed to meet the highly demanding lifestyles and requirements of coaches, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike. To do this they continuously work on evolving current formulas and expanding the product range.

Most recently launching the “new and improved” IMPACT Power Balm and IMPACT Arnica Balm, now formulated with a robust 300mg of CBD infused with natural ingredients, designed to provide targeted heating and cooling-like sensations.

Taking into consideration customer feedback, the brand has also launched CBD capsules to provide loyal users with an alternative controlled method of taking CBD.

No matter where you are with your fitness, IMPACT SPORTS CBD has your back, there to support your journey to achieving the best results.



Labotanix is a CBD supplier that’s only been around for a short amount of time, but has managed to make a statement in the CBD industry. Offering Full Spectrum CBD products, Labotanix guarantees their customers high quality, all natural, and potent CBD.

Beginning with carefully cultivating a hemp plant that yields a high level of CBD, Labotanix is sure to harvest these organic Swiss hemp plants when they’re most viable. Next they use a natural cold extraction process to ensure that only the best products make it to consumers. They also use random samples of their products, sending them to undergo third party lab testing. Customer satisfaction is the number goal for this company.

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Labotanix offers CBD products in many forms for the convenience of the customer. They have CBD oil, which is the most popular form that can be administered sublingually, CBD edibles, CBD oral and nasal spray, CBD E-Liquids for the purpose of vaping, and also CBD balms and creams for your skin or inflamed and painful areas on the body.

Whether you’re looking to just test it out, use it as an alternative treatment for pain or discomfort, or if you’re in need of something to help with relief for your loved ones, one thing’s for sure; with such careful processing and high quality products, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love with Labotanix.

Love Hemp

Love Hemp the UK#1 leading CBD brand, was established in 2015 by two London entrepreneurs: Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowland, two entrepreneurs passionate about creating the UK’s leading range of trusted CBD products.

One of the first CBD companies to be established in the UK, Love Hemp has a strong track record of supplying the finest CBD ingestibles, including CBD capsules, the brand is proud to operate in a regulated way in an unregulated market. This means that all Love Hemp products are certified THC free, third-party tested under strict laboratory conditions, and have a guaranteed CBD concentration.

Love Hemp logoLove hemp is a well-known and trusted brand in the UK market, and is carried by leading retailers. The company was even flagged as an “on-trend, well-being brand” to watch by national media including The Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and The Independent. Additionally, Tony Calamita was invited to speak at London Food Tech Week 2019.

Love Hemp is at the heart of ingenuity when it comes to CBD, consistently creating new ways to incorporate this magical compound into products. Love Hemp was the first brand to create unique products such as CBD-infused spring water. Oils, sprays, vapes, chocolate, jelly domes and beauty products, including the first CBD-infused face mask, have all followed.

Provacan is under the umbrella of CiiTECH, a leading cannabis biotech company that develops some of the best CBD products in the UK. CiiTECH is an industry leader in the research, development, and marketing of CBD products.

  • RESEARCH – CiiTECH routinely collaborates with research universities around the world, including Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, to explore the benefits of CBD.
  • DEVELOPMENT – CiiTECH works with leading scientists, opinion leaders and industry experts to create innovative & effective products.
  • MARKETING – CiiTECH markets legal & non- psychoactive cannabis products globally from the UK.

Provacan logo

Provacan has a reputation for selling only premium products sourced and extracted from the highest-grade, certified organic, European hemp. All of their CBD oils are independently lab-tested via third-parties, and are documented and verified for both the presence of CBD and the absence of potentially dangerous compounds, such as fertilizers and chemical solvents. 

Provacan also supplies  full-spectrum formulas, containing all hemp compounds including additional cannabinoids such as CBG and CBDv, as well as natural terpenes. Terpenes provide their own benefits as well as enhance the flavor of the oil.

For more information about Love Hemp or Provacan products, feel free to visit our products page.